Who We Are

FireKeepers are a group of LGBTQ+ people committed to compassionate service to our community during major life events. We seek to reclaim the healing magic that is known as "midwifery" and restore power where it rightfully belongs, with the birthing person. With the family. Queer and trans folks are often disconnected from their bio families, but as a testament to our resilience, we create new families, Chosen Families. In our role as FireKeepers, we seek to nurture these families as well as those who have not found their chosen family yet, while they are in times of great need or transition. We keep the fires burning for our clients, creating a space where it is safe to move through their journey. Furthermore, we seek to restore the holistic approach to healing, serving our community from cradle to grave, by providing birth services, death doula services, and a dependable, nurturing hand,  for life's challenging moments in between. 

Our personal experiences as parents and people with varying degrees of disability, as well as our professional experiences in birth work, have allowed us to see the harm that occurs when people's autonomy is revoked. It is our hope that by empowering the people in our community by advocating for them, providing them with the education to advocate for themselves, and serving them in times when they need someone else to tend the fire, we will reduce the harm that comes to our community. 

It is our hope that by serving and nurturing Queer and Trans families, we will reduce harm and create a stronger more interconnected community.

Our Mission

To empower the LGBTQ+ community during major life events through education, advocacy, and compassionate service.


Our Vision

A strong, connected LGBTQ community, that have access to the skills, knowledge, and care providers needed to take care of ourselves, and one another.

We Need Your Support Today!


FireKeepers are located on Treaty 6 Territory, the traditional meeting grounds of First Nations and Métis people.

Email: firekeepersyeg@gmail.com

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