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Ki is a fat, white, disabled,  nonbinary queer person. They parent three exceptionally cool and capable kiddos with support from their partners, family, and community. 

Ki's mission in life is to know all the things. Predictably, they have fallen short of this goal. But, in their ongoing pursuits they have amassed significant knowledge on diverse topics including bodies and their reproductive capacities, politics, theology, cooking, mathematics, herbal witchery, computers.... This queer nerd makes a point of being informed. 

Ki has significant experience dealing with medical professionals both professionally and personally. Navigating these spaces as a fat, nonbinary, neurodivergent queer has proven challenging for them.  Professionally, Ki has attended over 500 births, and served thousands of clients as a midwife/Traditional Birth Attendant, and has also received training as a Emergency Medical Responder. It was these and other experiences that led them to create FireKeepers. 

Presently, Ki is engaged in their community as a Queerflex board member, a Totally Outright participant, and as a typical Cancer nurturer.



Dima is a cisgender queer Indian woman. She was born in the Middle East and raised in Canada from the age of two. She is a single mother to a super rad 7 year old. 

Dima is a self proclaimed kitchen witch and birth nerd. Making and knowing healing lotions, salves, tinctures, and essential oils is just one of the many facets of Dima's amazing wealth of knowledge. 

Dima's personal experience with birth and pregnancy was met with many roadblocks, and these experiences pushed Dima to help others to have access to discrimination free care. Dima has attended births as a doula, she is is a chest/breastfeeding peer support with substantial knowledge about chest/breastfeeding after a reduction, and currently sits on the board of the Breastfeeding Action Committee.  

Dima's other interests include cloth diapering, intersectional feminism, and all things Doctor Who. 



Coral is a queer, cis, white, fat , sex positive, intersectional feminist. She is the mother to three children of whom she is very proud.  
Coral has dedicated herself to bringing awareness to mental health issues, birth issues, medical cannabis, polyamory, and non-monogamy.  She homeschooled her children through their early education years and she’s passionate about whatever she has set her mind to do.

Coral’s passion for the importance of an informed pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period developed while working for prominent and beloved natural birthing advocate and physician, the late Dr. Marlene Lidkea.  As a trauma survivor, COral believes in the importance of trauma informed care, and is passionate about holding space for people in their time of need. 

Coral is a former board member of the Breastfeeding Action Committee of Edmonton (BACE), was an active member of the Edmonton Babywearing Community, and is a peer babywearing and breastfeeding support.  Her hobbies include swimming, reading, D & D, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who.




FireKeepers are located on Treaty 6 Territory, the traditional meeting grounds of First Nations and Métis people.


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